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Antonella Bogoni


Antonella Bogoni, head of research area of CNIT (National Inter-University Consortium for Telecommunications), is one of the pioneers of the Integrated Research Center for Photonic Networks and Technologies created in Pisa in 2001 as a part of a broad agreement among four partners, CNIT, Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna, Marconi Communications S.p.A. (now Ericsson) and the National Research Council of Italy (CNR), aiming to create in Pisa a world-class Center of Excellence, where currently she is leader of the “digital & microwave photonics” area.
Antonella Bogoni dedicated her research activity to photonics technologies for ultra-fast optical communication systems, in order to meet the needs of a faster Internet and of a new generation of user services. In 2004 she proposed the fastest optical regenerator at that time, working at 160 billions of bit per second thanks to photonics technologies (10 times faster than the electronic technologies available at that time).
Also in 2004 she obtained her first national funding for the realization of a new prototype of pulsed laser for high capacity optical communication networks.
From 2008 she collaborates with the University of Southern California (USC) in Los Angeles where she worked in 2008 and from 2009 to 2010 as winner of a “Fulbright” scholarship.
In the USC laboratories she developed the first photonic processor prototype suitable for logic operations using the light with a speed of 640 billions of operations per second, about one hundreds times higher compared to the electronics.
In 2009 she is scientific person in charge for CNIT of the project “ACEPLAN “ACtivE PLAsmoNics and lossless metamaterials” funded by Europen Consortium NanoSci-ERA.
In 2009 she obtained an ERC starting grant for developing a photonic-based fully digital radar systems, and in 2012 she got a second ERC grant within the “proof of concept” program in order to convert her research results into a pre-industrial product for airport security.
Also in 2012 Antonella Bogoni starts collaborating with the Italian Defence Ministry that supports her group activities for the development of a photonic-based TLC radio system of military interest.
In 2006 she is co-founder of Photrix a start up company manufacturing and selling ultra high speed optical instrumentation; from 2007 to 2011 she is CEO of PhoTrix.
Up to now Antonella Bogoni got 11 national and international project grants, she is co/author of 45 patents, 8 books and more than 110 papers on the main scientific international journals.
Moreover she presented more than 200 contributions in the main photonics microwave photonics and radar international conferences. She has been also invited as expert on the main Journals and conferences and she collaborates with several of the most prestigious research and industrial groups in photonics and radar fields all around the world, i.e. Europe, USA, Brazil, Japan, korea, etc…
She also participated to the technical committee and advisory board for international conferences and journals respectively. In 2014 she is General co-chair of the international IEEE conference Photonics in Switching.
She main current interest are in microwave photonics, ultra-fast optical communications, photonic digital processing and nonlinear optics.

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